greenhouse films with very long-lasting anti-drip & anti-fog

With special technologies it is now possible to obtain anti-dripping and anti-fogging properties which don't lose their effectiveness for many years. Unlike traditional anti-dripping films, where the gradual migration of additives from the mass of the film results into the loss of the anti-dripping property within 1,5-2 years, the additives of EVO AC films don’t migrate. This extends significantly their useful life. We achieve this by combining our 7-layer technology with a new system of introducing the anti-dripping additives into the film.


Comparison 3 years after installation

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EVO AC 8 - layer greenhouse films

delaminatable greenhouse film for double inflated greenhouses

A one-step cladding method for double inflated greenhouses, for a safer, quicker and more economical installation. EVO2 is a single 7-layer film that separates into 2 different films by introducing air between its layers after the film has been placed and securely fastened on the greenhouse. The method permits a serious gain of installation time and cost, while being safer for the installation crew. It also makes it possible to cover a double inflated greenhouse even during days with a certain level of wind.