• 10 times less permeable to Oxygen than standard film
  • A 7-layer film with extraordinary strength
  • Very soft & flexible, fits better on the silo and reduces air-pockets


This is how SilO2Block® works:

By preventing the entry of Oxygen, SilO 2Block® results to a much better fermentation and reduces spoilage at the upper parts of the silo. Better quality of the feed and less spoilage means higher value for the farmer! For professional dairy farms it means more milk per cow!


Unsurpassed safety - Outstanding Oxygen barrier


  • Made of 100% virgin high-strength materials
  • UV guaranteed for 15 months (80-140 kLys)
  • Fully recyclable
  • Lighter rolls, easy to handle
  • Easy to install Z-folding
  • Perfect protection from damage during transportation
  • Available at 4-18 m width, in 50 m rolls and in jumbo-rolls of 150-400 m


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