Our 7-layer production line is a 12 million Euro investment at the Industrial Zone of Iraklion, Greece. It is the widest and one of just 3 of its kind worldwide.

The line has a unique design, based on a novel concept that has been developed by our own Engineering Department.

  • It incorporates innovative technologies for the production of specialty films. Many of these technologies are applied here for the first time in the world
  • The seven layers allow an optimal repartition of materials and additives -while at the same time permitting for specific uses the introduction of a very thin layer of EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol), a polymer that makes the film practically impermeable to gases
  • It is equipped with versatile winding systems that enable us to deliver products in different folding patterns & configurations
  • It achieves an outstanding thickness uniformity: for many products as low as +/-4% at any point of the film (compared to an industry specification of +/-15%)

The line has a daily capacity of 30 MT and can produce films as wide as 20 meters.