PLASTIKA KRITIS is one of the first companies in the world that has developed VIF (virtually impermeable films) for soil fumigation. VIF are films with a polyamide layer that acts as barrier to gases. They have been used successfully over the years with a variety of fumigants, including methyl bromide, dichloropropene, chloropicrine, metham sodium, dazomet, etc. permitting the reduction of fumigant dosage by up to 50%.


With 7-layer technology we now introduce TIF (totally impermeable films) which have significant advantages over VIF:

  • They have an even lower permeability to gases than VIF. They contain a thin layer of EVOH, a polymer with much better barrier properties than polyamide, which reduces permeability of TIF by up to 10 times relative to VIF.
  • They have much better tear propagation strength and thus can be installed in a faster way.
  • They are fully recyclable, while VIF is difficult to recycle and the recycled material is of a downgraded quality.

 Our TIF is currently under evaluation with different fumigants and will soon be available for flat fumigation in widths up to 6 m as an open sheet as well as for greenhouses in folded films up to 14 m.


You can read more about EVOH based TIF films at the following links: